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May '15

Welcome to Village Water System Inc.

Welcome to Village Water System Inc. We are a non-profit cooperative serving rural residential customers in the Princeton and Red Chute area in East Bossier Parish. Our mission is to provide safe, clean water to our area customers. Our offices are located on Hwy 80 in Haughton, Louisiana.

Village Water System, Inc.,(VWS) is a non-profit member owned water utility corporation, it was formed in 1967 with the sole purpose of serving the citizens of the Haughton area with potable water.  The water system is independent of the nearby cities and is governed by the by the Public Service Commission.  Under the auspice of a seven member elected board and through a perpetual agreement with its members the system is obligated to serve all residences, businesses, and industries within the limits of the system.  Currently we serve over 3500 active meters and a population estimated to be over 12,000 members.  The system spans along the LA State Hwy 80/I-20 corridor, from the Bossier City Limit on the west to just inside the Webster Parish on the east side and extends up to six miles north and south with I-20 forming the majority of the southern boundary.  VWS is served by 18 wells with a distribution system consisting of eight water plants, twelve storage tanks with a storage capacity of over two million gallons of water.  Monthly production averages approximately twenty million gallons during cooler months and over thirty million gallons during the summer months  


Latest News

Andrew Taylor
Thursday, May 21, 2015 7:27am

Mr.  Andy Taylor resigns from the Village Water Board of Directors. 

To view pictures taken of the resignation ceremony; go to PHOTOS then OFFICE  


Mr. Andrew Taylor recently resigned from his position on the Village Water Board of Directors due to health concerns. A retired Air Force Veteran, Mr. Taylor served Village Water for over 21 years. Elected as the President of the Board in 2002, he served in that capacity for 2 years, he also later served from 2006 to 2007. Mr. Taylor was instrumental in ensuring Village Waters success over the last 21 years and his presence on the Board of Directors will be missed. The Board wants to thank Mr. Taylor for his many years of dedicated volunteer service to the Village Water Systems membership.


 Probable Water Well purchase

The Board of Directors has  an opportunity to buy an existing water well, 2700 LF of waterline and 100 x 100 of property from Mr.  Bruce Logan for $35,400. The well is believed to produce up to 200 gpm.  Mr. Fayad recommends spending $15,000 to do a well test to confirm the quality/capacity of the well and if it is good then purchasing the well. Once purchased, completing the well would cost approximately $115,000, but could be accomplished as funds are available.  The Board of Directors moved to spend $15,000 to complete the well testing and $35,400 to buy the well and property if the well test meets VWS requirements. 

This well will complement the existing two wells supplying water to the ground storage tank to the Tall Pines Water Plant.



Water Rate Increase Proposal
Friday, May 01, 2015 12:10pm


P. O. BOX 96


TEL. (318) 949-0223

FAX (318) 949-9518


Dear members:


In order to continue providing you with safe, clean drinking water your Board of Directors believes that a rate increase has become inevitable.  This decision was reached only after months of expenses exceeding revenue.  In February, an extensive Rate Study by the Louisiana Rural Water Association validated our concerns.


Since the last rate increase in 2010, all rural water systems have been placed under the regulatory authority of the Louisiana Public Service Commission, which requires the water system to hold a members meeting to formally announce the systems intention to raise rates prior to submitting the request for a rate increase.  Accordingly, a members meeting to address the rate increase is scheduled for 7 PM 30 June 2015 at Platt Elementary School on HWY 80 East, Haughton La.


The proposed rates are as follows:


Residential rate:  $20 Monthly minimum allowing 2000 gallons

                              $4.75 per 1,000 gallons thereafter.


Trailer Court Rates $45 Monthly minimum allowing 10,000 gallons

                                           $5.00 per 1,000 gallons thereafter.


Commercial rate:  $45 Monthly minimum allowing 10,000 gallons

                                       $5.00 per 1,000 gallons thereafter.


Impact to your residential bill if these proposed rates are approved:


Thousand Gallons Used       Old Bill $                             New Bill $             

         Per Month                                                                                            

             2000                       18.00                       20.00

             3000                               21.75                24.75

             4000                               25.50                29.50

             5000                               29.25                34.25

             6000                               33.00                39.00

             7000                               36.75                43.75

             8000                               40.50                48.50

             9000                               44.25                53.25

            10000                             48.00                58.00

            15000                             66.75                81.75

            20000                             85.50               105.50    


Any proposed rate increase must be forwarded to the Louisiana Public Service Commission for review and approval prior to implementation.  This process will not start until after the June members meeting and could take as much as a year for a decision.




Todd France

President, Board of Directors

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